"Money problems are far too apparent in our daily lives.  They are the leading cause of problems at home, and overall personal discomfort. It is my hope that the SWFL FinLit program can change that.  It's also disappointing how many people do not have access to quality financial advice, either because they don't know where to look, or because they cannot afford one. SWFL FinLit is here to help."

Founder & Director 

Dr. Nicholas Carr has seventeen years of financial services experience, where his focus has been creating financial strategies to meet the complex financial needs of successful families and executives. Through this experience, he has witnessed first-hand how emotions can get in the way of decision making, often to the detriment of the investor.  After finishing his Masters in Finance at Indiana University, he dedicated himself to the study of how we make financial decisions and assess risk, why our past experiences and biases influence our current behavior, and how it impacts us. He completed his Ph.D. in Personal Finance through Kansas State University, and won numerous awards along the way for his research on the behavior of investors, and how we perceive and respond to risk.

He has incorporated this research into his wealth management practice, and founded Southwest Florida Financial Literacy Foundation to provide free educational resources to the community. Dr. Carr understands the effects of personal financial problems, and the stress it causes in our homes, workplaces, and marriages. Dr. Carr believes financial education can empower the individual, their family, and ultimately, the community at large. 

Dr. Carr is committed to advocating for the under-served and providing educational resources to help each person take control of their personal finances and financial future. Dr. Carr lives in Naples, FL, with his wife and daughter. He also speaks extensively around the country regarding his research through Kansas State University. 




Dora Watson is passionate about the mission of Southwest Florida Financial Literacy Foundation. She has worked for eight years in the Financial Services industry, and she helps coordinate the educational events for the foundation.